Prince Sheridan was born in Ireland then came to France to live with a breeder their. Victoria was able to purchase Prince Sheridan from his owner in France in November 2002. After a quarantine stay in Calgary Canada he arrived at the Raven Hawk Ranch in January 2003. Undaunted by his two month journey half way around the world. Prince Sheridan walked onto the ranch as if he lived there every day of his life. He was ridden the day after he arrived and has continued to excel with his training.

Prince Sheridan is a true gentleman. Displaying the characteristics of a well bred Gypsy horse, his athletic ability, size, long flowing main and feathering on his legs make him a rare find. This stallion is now being bred to Gypsy mares with offspring available for purchase. He is also available for breeding to your quality mare.

Some of Sheridans Foals

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